Maths 1-10

Hi all,

We are currently going through some uncertain and somewhat challenging times. The best way to navigate through this all is by keeping routines the same especially for the children. Not to mention injecting a little fun with it too. Those with gardens use the opportunity to do some work out there. And use every opportunity as a lesson.

So on Earlystars Childcare the focus is numbers 1-10. As part of the Early Learning Goals, by the end of reception year children are expected to know numbers 1-20. They have to recognise these numbers and be able to count them as well.

Here is Earlystars FREE printable worksheet 1(Which will be updated every so often.) Also refer to Maths Info.

Alongside this here are a few websites and videos to get your children excited about this Mathematical aspect of their learning.

A fun way of counting and something to watch before the start of their day.

There is so much out there. Just make it fun and interesting for yourself but most importantly for the children.

~Earlystars Childcare ~

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